A resinous hive, Propolis is accumulated by honeybees from different plant sources. The Propolis is green, red, brown or yellow in color, deepening on the collected season or source. From 300 BC till date, the use of Propolis is prominent, thus making it a traditional substance. Also, this Propolis has properties that are anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anticancer, antioxidant and antifungal as well. We make use of premier bees, which are hybrid using African and European Bees. The European Bees were sourced from Protégées Jesuit in circa 1839, Germans in 1845 and Italian natives in 1870-1880. We started using African Bees in 1956.

Also, we make use of Brazilian Bees as they show high resistance against diseases; have high productivity, great aggression and wide action range. Our Beekeepers do not use any type of antibiotics to keep the Beehive healthy; they only adopt natural ways to increase productivity of a bee. Our Beekeepers eliminate ill beehives on a short notice.

Brazilian Propolis Differs From Others For Two Reasons
  • Brazilian Flora sources
  • Africanized Honeybees

  • The use of propolis in popular medicine goes back to ancient Egipt times. Its properties were already known in the treatment of a number of infections, sores, and even in the mummification processes.
  • It has been scientifically studied as an antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral treatment in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and China.
  • In the end of the 80âs, japanese researchers have discovered new active compounds in propolis with citotoxical properties that can help some cancer treatments.
  • Nowadays, we also know that propolis is a strong stimulant of the Immune System, and AIDS treatment study groups continue to research new compounds found in propolis to help in its treatment.

Safety : Propolis is not totally harmless; some people become allergic to it and develop skin rashes where it is applied. In case of allergic reactions discontinue use.

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